I first became interested in photography when, by chance, I found myself on a ship in Antarctica. I had with me a rather basic film camera and little by the way of photography skills. As a result I was unable to come anywhere near close to capturing the breathtaking scenery and wildlife that abounds in and around Antarctica. That was the trigger for the passion I now have for photography.

My aim is to capture the world, in all its constituent parts, as it is. In consequence I have developed a broad portfolio of images from around the world that is probably best described as travel photography. Included within this portfolio are images of landscape, people, wildlife, architecture, culture, nature and more.

My work has been widely published, including in:

The Times of London
Footprint Guides
Rough Guides
Practical Photography
On-line versions of National Geographic and Encyclopaedia Britannica
UNESCO Guide to World Heritage Sites

I hope you enjoy looking through the images on my website. My portfolio will change regularly as I add new material, so please do visit regularly and feel free to leave comments.